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whether you're looking for used boats, sailing and motor, or to sell a boat quickly and without any problems, AFYACHT can help you.
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Buying or selling a boat

Sailing Yachts for sale (196) , Motor yacht for sale (373) 

(Decalogue for all)

Buying or selling a boat is the best wish of all. Some problems must always deal with them directly, almost all the other tasks can be delegated to an agency or a consultant.
This handbook by experience and common sense, is intended to help those who want to overcome this without damage and with satisfaction.

The times
The price
The documentation
The charges
Remaking the look of the boat
The relationship with the consultant
Leasing and financing
The negotiation
Compromise and the act

How long will it take to sell my boat? We do not know but surely we can follow a path to achieve the goal as quickly as possible. This handbook can definitely give us a hand
The price:
in the case where our vessel is of known construction and large-scale production will be sufficient to make a quick search on the internet through the search engines and in dedicated sites. Centreremo the price according to the facilities, a year and an honest evaluation of the overall conservation, also will report any recent extraordinary maintenance. Otherwise our boat escapes a direct comparison we can honestly put ourselves in the shoes of the buyer and consciously assess what the actual interest it can find: a special design, an attractive price, a peculiar arrangement of the interior.
The documentation:
The boat must have valid documents, the property must be well specified and generally should not be burdened by mortgages or bonds. A different condition is signaled quite clearly that the buyer in mind is to the benefit of all and that inevitably unspoken anything that could vary the price of our boat can be concealed with intent to be a vice.
Incidental expenses:
made an offer which are well-specified distributions of incidental expenses such as appraisals, cost of towing and launching, any essential work, legal fees, agency fees. Having a complete picture will be easier for everyone to accept or raise. See leasing.
Remaking the look of the boat:
you can often predict a small refit at the offering for sale of the boat. To be avoided the classic stucco and paint that can generate suspicion and difficulties of interpretation. Better than the original but a nice clean bilge, index of love and care for your boat, a painting done in a hurry! For these requirements rely on the consultant for advice on possible interventions and preventive clear.
too high a price or terms and conditions as well as bad to miss the right buyer will have the opposite effect in practice would be to inform the market of the inadequacy of our offer! For goals and we look with some detachment and critical sense, our boat ... I assure you it takes a lot.
The relationship with the consultant:
essentially the role of the consultant is to define the offer in an objective manner. Must be analyzed all the pros and cons in all to create a unique and objective picture of the boat where price and conditions of sale are recognized on both sides.
The leasing and financing:
make sure you can assign the lease, report the compromise, see if you still guarantors or otherwise ask the boat free from constraints, billing redemption, refinancing, convenience, and associated costs, this is definitely a field where 'contribution of the consultant becomes really valuable. In the recent scene in which most transactions are for boats with lease in place, precision and accuracy giovano really at all.
The deal:
competence and transparency are the foundations of my work. Add method and patience and you're done.

Compromise and the act:
price, incidental expenses, the withdrawal of the boat in time and place, everything has to be agreed and written simply, without equivocation or innuendo. None of my customers has ever bought or sold a boat because it forced to compromise or offers tripped ... Sometimes it happened that the buyer is left with his money and the seller with his own good: I lost some time but, essentially, peaceful sleep.





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