Brigantino veliero oceanico

Price: € 500.000
Length: 24 Mt.; Beam: 8 Mt.; Draft: 2 Mt.
Sailboat; Built in Legno; Year: 1999; Shipyard: Sao george Salvador bahia

Engine specification:
Engines: Ford leman; Fuel type: Diesel
Maximum cruising speed: 11.5 Knots; Cruise speed: 10 Knots

The fuel tanks have a capacity of: 5000 Lt.
The capacity of the water tanks is 6000 Lt.
Other equipment:
Tender Tender, Outboard Outboard, Generator Generator(Onan 16 kw), GangwayGangway, Fridge Fridge, Freezer Freezer

Cabins: 8, Bathrooms: 4, Crew accommodations: Crew accommodations Total beds: 18

Vhf Vhf, Gps Gps, Eco Eco, Stereo Stereo

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Brigantino veliero oceanico

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