Ocean Alexander 456

Price: € 550.000 US
Length: 13,9 Mt.; Beam: 4,82 Mt.; Draft: 1,22 Mt.
Motorboat; Built in Vetroresina. Fiberglas; Year: 2002; Shipyard: Ocean Marine

Engine specification:
Engines: 2X330 Cummins; Fuel type: Diesel
Maximum cruising speed: 19 Knots; Cruise speed: 15 Knots

The fuel tanks have a capacity of: 2080 Lt.
Other equipment:
Generator Generator, GangwayGangway, Fridge Fridge, Freezer Freezer

Cabins: 3, Bathrooms: 2. Total beds: 6

Vhf Vhf, Gps Gps, Pilot Pilota, Radar Radar, Eco Eco

Descriptive notes:
Like its bigger sisters. the Ocean Alexander 45 Aft Cabin Classicco is a well-crafted cruiser with a trunk cabin profile, full walk around decks, and straightforward two-stateroom interior layout, designed for long-range and economical cruising. The spacious floor plan easily accommodates two navigational stations (including a comfortable cruising bridge), large salon, generous galley and two heads. With her wide beam, the Classicco is a roomy boat for her length and her cutaway keel and prop pockets provide protection for the running gear in the event of grounding. Her stylish profile is accented with a rakish bridge overhang, and the Classicco's house is set well forward on the foredeck in order to expand the salon and galley dimensions.
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Other photos:

Ocean Alexander 456
Ocean Alexander 456
Ocean Alexander 456
Ocean Alexander 456

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